PTR Ireland - Gain a Qualification

PTR ‘Tennis Teaching Essentials’ Course

The Tennis Teaching Essentials (TTE) course is five days in duration, 10am – 5pm each day, and leads to the PTR certification test. The course fee includes membership of the PTR for the first year thereafter this costs €90 per year.

Prior to the course you will be given a study guide and DVD detailing the 'Standard Teaching Method'. This manual and DVD are yours to keep and is a great source of information.  There is also a full length manual on the website which can be downloaded by all current members (a username and password for this will be allocated to you upon request when you become a member or enrol on a Tennis Teaching Essentials course.)

The first 4 days are dedicated to your education. Everything you need to know to pass the test will be covered and you will have the opportunity to practice these techniques. It is essential you read your manual while you are on the course.

The teaching method is based on the Dennis Van der Meer 'Standard Teaching Method'. At the end of the week you will be required to teach a half hour lesson on serve, forehand or backhand using this method. Your group teaching will have a logical and successful structure.

You will be taught progressions to 21 strokes. Everything from slice approach to the top spin lob will be included. We will not try and change your game, merely add demonstration skills to it. Everyone must be able to demonstrate to a student how to perform strokes simply and effectively.

You will be shown a number of drills and taught how to reproduce them successfully. This will test your ball skills, feeding skills and your communication.

Being able to spot technical errors for your students is very important. We will teach you to spot and correct errors using simple corrective techniques.

At the end of the week you will be tested on the following subjects:

Error Detection

The written exam consists of True/False questions and multiple choice. Your overall results will be sent to you by the International office in 4-6 weeks.

You can pass the tests at any of 3 grades:

Associate - (70% or above in all 5 sections)
Instructor - (80% or above in all 5 sections)
Professional - (90% or above in all 5 sections)

The tutors try to ensure that the course is enjoyable despite its intense nature. If you are new to coaching you will learn very quickly how to become an effective coach. If you are already certified, your coaching will benefit from the addition of this internationally recognised teaching method and you will benefit from all the advantages of PTR membership.

The course costs a total of €595. This is made up of Course fee €470 + initial Membership and Registration €125.